Krystle Ratticus in Zineology: Milk Milk Lemonaid

by Nicole Lane

Careless Creatures: Amaranth's Child

by Jash Manuel

Rusty John Lemon Snare: Melancholy, Mystery, and Magick

by Jacintha Yap

Aleyn Comprendio: Beyond the Flow of Time

by Jofer Serapio

Paulo Correa in Piercing Pieces: Reimagining Palahniuk

by Parallel Planets

Hermes Pichon in Mental Memoirs: Transitory Universe

by Parallel Planets

Alternate Planet

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Counterparts & Coexistence
of Worlds in Between


Editor-in-Chief || Erin Emocling
Assistant Editor || Joy Celine Asto
Writers || Jofer Serapio, Tomi Uysingco,
Nicole Lane, KB Meniado, Jacintha Yap
Illustrator || Lelio Starr
Photographers || Conner Lyons, Dylan Barnes,
Jash Manuel, Christian Momdjian


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"Unification" by Lelio Starr appeared on Stache Magazine's black & white issue, along with an interview featuring our founding EIC, Erin Emocling. Read "The Planets Within Our Reach," write-up by Mayee Gonzales.